Naval PostGrad School and Stanford University screenings

March 13, 2012|

One of the hardest aspects of making a ‘political documentary’  - the scare quotes are used both to trouble the term as well as the notion of a non-political doc - is getting the balance right:  not the white or color but perspectival [...]

Salisbury Forum Screening

February 29, 2012|

Making a film can take you to strange and wonderful places; so can screening it.   Each year Watson’s Choices Program invites high school teachers from around the US to their Summer Institute on global affairs.  I cannot say no to its indomitable director, [...]

Berlin Kino Babylon Screening

February 16, 2011|

Screenings never take place in a vacuum, to which the Berlin screening of ‘Human Terrain’ paid ample testimony.  It took place at the beautiful Babylon cinema, a 1920s picture place, originally built in what used to be the Jewish quarter of Berlin.  After [...]

Human Terrain Featured in The Guardian

June 16, 2010|

After a screening of Human Terrain at The Frontline Club, the Guardian UK publishes an article assessing the prospects of Britain's Afghan strategy under new Prime Minister David Cameron.

Providence Premiere

June 4, 2010|

There’s no small satisfaction to be had from a local premiere:  ‘Human Terrain’ in bold letters on a marquee that I pass under everyday on my way to work; easy logistics and a good rapport with the always congenial patron of the Avon, [...]

The Directors at HotDocs

May 14, 2010|

When confronted by so many strong, compelling documentaries, you momentarily forget about Hollywood fiction films (that suspension of disbelief), or that that interpretation of the world even exists.                 -Michael Udris We returned to Providence energized by wonderful screenings and discussions. The  film's relevance, [...]

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